Things to Consider When Writing a Novel about Terrorism

Things to Consider When Writing a Novel about Terrorism

Literature is a platform where authors can freely write about anything. Novels, particularly, talk about a wide range of topics, most of which deal with the significant issues of the society. Some authors may always choose to be on the safer side, while others are brave enough to tackle issues that many people would rather turn a blind eye on. These authors are what literature mostly needs nowadays.

Terrorism, particularly, is a topic that only a few authors would dare to face head-on. This is not surprising since terrorism is an understandably sensitive subject. Usually, authors who write about terrorism attempt to explain the nature and causes of this phenomenon. Some attempt to engage more people in fighting back against terrorism. Regardless of how terrorism is portrayed, the most important thing is to be careful and responsible when talking about terrorism in novels and in any other work of literature. If you are an author who plans to write a novel that touches on the subject of terrorism, then this article may be beneficial to you. Below are some of the most essential things to consider when writing a novel about terrorism.

The novel should not be prejudicial

Writing about such a sensitive and intriguing topic as terrorism is difficult. There are so many things that need to be considered since the subject tends to discuss other matters that point to war, fanaticism, violence, and more. Sometimes, it can also even touch on the questions human nature and morality. So, when writing a novel that talks about terrorism, you always need to be careful not to make it prejudicial. Terrorism, in general, is a pretty complicated subject to talk about. To avoid much confusion and falsity, it is best to base your novel on unbiased, real-time information. Your opinion on the matter is necessary, but it should not be harmful. Your novel should not promote hateful concepts, ideas, and actions that may prejudice a person or a group of people, especially the innocent ones.

The novel should reflect the reality

Terrorism is not a topic that should be taken lightly. It raises serious questions about violence and the atrocities that are happening in the real world. Since novels about terrorism talk about a concept or phenomenon that is actually happening around the world, these novels should not be mere products of fantasy and naive imagination. This means that these kinds of novels should ultimately reflect the reality. More so, they should not hide nor sugarcoat the truth behind the topic no matter how cruel it may be. Explaining and making the readers understand terrorism can be difficult, as it tends to stir up confusion, fear, and anxiety, but it is utterly necessary so as to avoid misinterpretation or misconception. When writing a novel about terrorism, you need to be honest and truthful as much as possible. Your book should reflect the reality, not sugarcoat it.

The novel should provide some information on how to fight back against terrorism

Aside from being sensitive, responsible, and truthful, your novel should also be filled with useful information on how to combat terrorism. Fighting back against terrorism is a necessary call to action, especially in a platform as extensive as literature. Providing such information may be prone to questions and criticisms, but it is a way to contribute relevant knowledge to the readers. It does not only nurture their creative minds, but it also makes them more critical. Ultimately, the power of literature does not only lie in its ability to create beautiful and fascinating stories. Literature is also a powerful tool to induce people to act.

Overall, when writing a novel about terrorism or that, at least, touches on the issue, you always need to be very careful and considerate. It is your responsibility, as an author, to talk about the topic in the most creative, honest, and unbiased way. Even though novels are generally fiction, this does not mean that they should not be critical and responsible. The beauty of a work of literature cannot only be seen on how great it has crafted its words, but also on how effective, sincere, and truthful it is in delivering its message. Whenever in doubt about your work, just remember this quote from Cesar A. Cruz, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”


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