A Perfect Union by Paul Shemella book cover

Book Two: A More Perfect Union

The year is 1999.  A tourist is killed saving hundreds of innocent people at the Washington Air and Space Museum.  A shadowy group calling itself ‘DEFCON One’ claims responsibility for what is undeniably an act of domestic terrorism.  The FBI believes the group is a covert terrorist cell within an overt right-wing militia, based in Wyoming.  Recruited by the FBI, Gabriele Barnes, the grieving wife of the victim, agrees to go undercover as a confidential informant.  Another source, now missing and presumed dead, has reported that the group’s inner circle accepts only married couples.  Jerry Tompkins—her late husband’s teammate and closest friend—agrees to “marry” Gabriele.  Together, they penetrate the secretive gang, living among them in order to gather enough evidence for the FBI to arrest the group.  Gabriele has nothing to live for except revenge; Jerry vows to protect his friend’s wife—and use his considerable military skills to help her exact retribution.  Too late, they realize that Gabriele is in way over her head and Jerry’s military skills are not nearly enough.  Trapped in a cauldron of white supremacist hate, Jerry and Gabriele must find a way to expose the gang for what it is, save their own lives, and prevent a catastrophic act of terrorism that will kill millions.  And time is running out!   

An entertaining, often nerve-wracking sequel with two extraordinary lead characters.”  (Kirkus Reviews)

All of the venues are presented in vivid detail, and the plot line has many twists and turns that keep you riveted. I could not put the book down.”  (Amazon.com review)

 I recommend it based on the clever plot, the development of heroic characters, and the descriptions of the Wyoming landscape that made me think I actually was there witnessing the action first-hand.”  (Amazon.com review)

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A More Perfect Union